Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everybody's a millionaire.

Something's got me thinking again today..(A Rare thing these days..)

It's the reading. YES. I do not have one of these cool gadgets yet but heard good things about "Amazon Kindle" "Sony Reader" and lot others(Add iPAD). This is what got me thinking today. The evolution"TECHNOLOGY"has brought to the world.

I suddenly remembered my engineering days or even before when the BOOKS did make up for a BIG BUDGET in everybody's life. I still remember how i used to squander the money to buy books on all things good(Petrol(Read GAS my american friends) / Cafes/Movies just to name a few) and then buy USED books for less money(that was left finally).

Thanks to technology though it is so easy to get information(books). Yeah i think its a long way before everybody can afford these and start liking the whole process of reading an e-book compared to conventional books. However the thing is catching up with younger generation.

This is when it dawned upon me.. nobody's need to be millionaire to enjoy life anymore. It will ofcourse take time and the world will change its way of looking at things. I really see clearly now how it would all play out. There are people who likes to collect in life. Be it things or money and they(Rich(?) people) will indeed be there in all the time frames and now they are called "millionaires/billionaires" and enjoy "LUXURY" but as i can see, the term "LUXURY" will not be limited to collecting things(read money from now on) and being able to "afford" because everybody now can do things which only the "Millionaires" could "afford".

Now for the more practical and important thing. I wish all the books are converted into e-books sooner so this can reach out to a larger populace who will benefit greatly.

As far as my way of thinking "Everything finds its way in life" - I think however insignificant they maybe but "COPIERS" have attributed to distributing knowledge. WHAT SAY?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Narayan Murthy - National Anthem

This whole issue of Insulting our National Anthem is making me come
out of my hiatus and write.
First of all the issue is blown out of proportion by politicians
who needed to get back to Murthy for whatever reason. There are
media people who wanted to highlight this issue for ratings etc.
Then there are commoners who were enraged by the thought of some
famous personality talking foolishly in public again.The one thing that i felt and thought was never observed by anybody
is "This has to do with the generation that Murthy lived and bought
up". We all know what Murthy must have thought of
Foreigners(specially "Goras") from the get go while he was a young
man growing up and trying to establish his firm (Infosys.. is
it??). He must have had high regards to the "achievements/good
qualities" of the foriegners which is a good thing but also must
have had a inferiority complex about himself not being one like
them. But with the turn of luck(largely) and hard work(which every
Indian is known for out side of India because survival is an issue
in a foreign country), he became a moderate success in the global
scenario ( In India though he is the best considering the fact that
his company is doing very well...thanks to all the bright people
working for his company).
This infiriority complex must have been a big influence while
growing up for Murthy. This to me is the reason why he thought it
will be an insult to the foreigners if his (largely) Indian
employees sing national anthem infront of the President of India.
What a sorry state of mind and brain he has........ I think with the new generation of Indians who knows for a fact
that they are at par with the "Foreigners" if not better, Murthy
can not be a role model. He is just one person(read Indian/traitor
as you please..) who worked hard to achieve something in life and
succeeded. But like his middle class values, he kept the
infiriority complex intact even though he grew up to be 60 years
It is unfortunate for so many people in India and out side the
world who thinks Murthy had done them proud. He let'em down BIG
TIME. Also i am sure the "Foreigners" must look down upon him as well for
not really respecting his own country(/men).ONE LAST PEICE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT HE CAN BE OUR FUTURE

Friday, February 02, 2007

DOWNFALL.... THE movie!

After long, got to watch this beautifully made german movie "DOWNFALL". Everything from Acting,screenplay,direction,cinematography,art direction was TOP NOTCH.

Recommend it as a great study material for making movies.

http://www.oscars.org/77academyawards/nomswins.html and http://www.downfallthefilm.com/

And talking about movies, Every Hyderabadi/who had lived in Hyderabad anytime, should most definitely watch this hilarious movie "THE ANGREJ". Laugh Riot.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006



There were a couple of articles i read on the net otherday and I was really impressed by INDIA's growth in terms of the market it has because of its population.

I always thought, and still continue to think about the population of India being the factor in its road to economic stability and well being as a nation. But boy i am getting plesently surprised by some of the developments around the world which opened my eyes to the might of India in the global market.

First, it was the IT boom that resurrected India's rise to recognition i guess ( Although, Vajapayee's nuclear tests made the world realize what india is capable of.) and now the way Indians think in terms of capatilizing the advantages India has to offer being a country with educated smart people.

The article i was reading was the clash between BCCI ( Board for Cricket control in India) and ICC ( International Committe for Cricket). BCCI is trying to take control over ICC by dictating terms after realizing the potential it has economically over the game of cricket.

http://web.mid-day.com/sports/international/2006/january/129168.htm or

I was impressed by the new board lead by Sharad Pawar after he won the elections recently. This should have been done long ago but i guess the people who headed earlier did not have the business acumen i guess.

A lot needs to be done for the common man to feel comfortable with life in India but i think India is on the right path to succeed globally. ( corruption, politicians are i think greater threat to india than its population)


Friday, January 20, 2006


When i think of it, i am amazed by the bitterness i find in me about things which really do not concern me. Most of that bitterness i look at, is something that was caused by circumstances. But then i realize no it was just me who let that happen to me.

Oh well. I am trying to be a better person everyday and by thinking all thats right in my life, i understand life's been good to me and i should make all out effort to get rid of bitterness.

Everyday i get up and drive to work thinking about a little more time to rest in the morning. Then i realize its soo good to be up and starting the day to meet a new challenge or just continue doing all the things which i really wanted to do.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wasting Time

Heard Aussie's beat up Arab people (read brown skin) in a shame which showed the underlying racism in Australia to the whole world. Well I feel sorry for the Aussies. Do something good guys/gals with your life instead of beating poor souls. Live and Let Live.


Life is good. Things are Easy. Not a right time to work towards your secret ambition. Don't want to disturb the setting........ Here you are... Right ! What a waste of time.

Everyday i realize how lazy i have really become. I even started this blog which i hate to write to. Well I am worried that it will give people a sense of madness i have, but then i think... WHO CARES.

Somewhere along the way i think i want to do something good to mankind but to realize the fact that i am empowered to do such things is difficult to come by i guess.