Tuesday, January 24, 2006



There were a couple of articles i read on the net otherday and I was really impressed by INDIA's growth in terms of the market it has because of its population.

I always thought, and still continue to think about the population of India being the factor in its road to economic stability and well being as a nation. But boy i am getting plesently surprised by some of the developments around the world which opened my eyes to the might of India in the global market.

First, it was the IT boom that resurrected India's rise to recognition i guess ( Although, Vajapayee's nuclear tests made the world realize what india is capable of.) and now the way Indians think in terms of capatilizing the advantages India has to offer being a country with educated smart people.

The article i was reading was the clash between BCCI ( Board for Cricket control in India) and ICC ( International Committe for Cricket). BCCI is trying to take control over ICC by dictating terms after realizing the potential it has economically over the game of cricket.

http://web.mid-day.com/sports/international/2006/january/129168.htm or

I was impressed by the new board lead by Sharad Pawar after he won the elections recently. This should have been done long ago but i guess the people who headed earlier did not have the business acumen i guess.

A lot needs to be done for the common man to feel comfortable with life in India but i think India is on the right path to succeed globally. ( corruption, politicians are i think greater threat to india than its population)


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