Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everybody's a millionaire.

Something's got me thinking again today..(A Rare thing these days..)

It's the reading. YES. I do not have one of these cool gadgets yet but heard good things about "Amazon Kindle" "Sony Reader" and lot others(Add iPAD). This is what got me thinking today. The evolution"TECHNOLOGY"has brought to the world.

I suddenly remembered my engineering days or even before when the BOOKS did make up for a BIG BUDGET in everybody's life. I still remember how i used to squander the money to buy books on all things good(Petrol(Read GAS my american friends) / Cafes/Movies just to name a few) and then buy USED books for less money(that was left finally).

Thanks to technology though it is so easy to get information(books). Yeah i think its a long way before everybody can afford these and start liking the whole process of reading an e-book compared to conventional books. However the thing is catching up with younger generation.

This is when it dawned upon me.. nobody's need to be millionaire to enjoy life anymore. It will ofcourse take time and the world will change its way of looking at things. I really see clearly now how it would all play out. There are people who likes to collect in life. Be it things or money and they(Rich(?) people) will indeed be there in all the time frames and now they are called "millionaires/billionaires" and enjoy "LUXURY" but as i can see, the term "LUXURY" will not be limited to collecting things(read money from now on) and being able to "afford" because everybody now can do things which only the "Millionaires" could "afford".

Now for the more practical and important thing. I wish all the books are converted into e-books sooner so this can reach out to a larger populace who will benefit greatly.

As far as my way of thinking "Everything finds its way in life" - I think however insignificant they maybe but "COPIERS" have attributed to distributing knowledge. WHAT SAY?

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