Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wasting Time

Heard Aussie's beat up Arab people (read brown skin) in a shame which showed the underlying racism in Australia to the whole world. Well I feel sorry for the Aussies. Do something good guys/gals with your life instead of beating poor souls. Live and Let Live.


Life is good. Things are Easy. Not a right time to work towards your secret ambition. Don't want to disturb the setting........ Here you are... Right ! What a waste of time.

Everyday i realize how lazy i have really become. I even started this blog which i hate to write to. Well I am worried that it will give people a sense of madness i have, but then i think... WHO CARES.

Somewhere along the way i think i want to do something good to mankind but to realize the fact that i am empowered to do such things is difficult to come by i guess.

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sp said...

I just wanted to add the comments for historic value..


Now the Aussies have turned on against us(Indians). All i can say is.... C'mon guys wake up!!!