Monday, May 07, 2007

Narayan Murthy - National Anthem

This whole issue of Insulting our National Anthem is making me come
out of my hiatus and write.
First of all the issue is blown out of proportion by politicians
who needed to get back to Murthy for whatever reason. There are
media people who wanted to highlight this issue for ratings etc.
Then there are commoners who were enraged by the thought of some
famous personality talking foolishly in public again.The one thing that i felt and thought was never observed by anybody
is "This has to do with the generation that Murthy lived and bought
up". We all know what Murthy must have thought of
Foreigners(specially "Goras") from the get go while he was a young
man growing up and trying to establish his firm (Infosys.. is
it??). He must have had high regards to the "achievements/good
qualities" of the foriegners which is a good thing but also must
have had a inferiority complex about himself not being one like
them. But with the turn of luck(largely) and hard work(which every
Indian is known for out side of India because survival is an issue
in a foreign country), he became a moderate success in the global
scenario ( In India though he is the best considering the fact that
his company is doing very well...thanks to all the bright people
working for his company).
This infiriority complex must have been a big influence while
growing up for Murthy. This to me is the reason why he thought it
will be an insult to the foreigners if his (largely) Indian
employees sing national anthem infront of the President of India.
What a sorry state of mind and brain he has........ I think with the new generation of Indians who knows for a fact
that they are at par with the "Foreigners" if not better, Murthy
can not be a role model. He is just one person(read Indian/traitor
as you please..) who worked hard to achieve something in life and
succeeded. But like his middle class values, he kept the
infiriority complex intact even though he grew up to be 60 years
It is unfortunate for so many people in India and out side the
world who thinks Murthy had done them proud. He let'em down BIG
TIME. Also i am sure the "Foreigners" must look down upon him as well for
not really respecting his own country(/men).ONE LAST PEICE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT HE CAN BE OUR FUTURE

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