Monday, December 12, 2005


What's your goal in life? asked a dear friend of mine one day. TO LEAD A GOOD LIFE ! was my answer. So how do you plan to achieve that goal? was his next immediate question. I said.. I have already achieved that goal.
We had a big argument on the subject that day and we all were in a hurry to reach our destinations so the argument was suspended abruptly. This was 12 years ago and we have reached our destinations and i am afraid we do not know our way back or so it seems now.
I seriously remember all the details vividly of that day... the hotel, who passed by, the zeal we all had for life, the feeling of "will do what needs to be done and more", the courage to take on life, the dry air.
I was on a high. We all were in a way.
So much water under the bridge and many years later now i wonder what all i did in these past years and why ?? The answer is "A LOT" ! to be in the same spot mentally where i was on that day. The sad part is... don't know where all my friends are.

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